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Rebuilding educational foundations

From meeting compliance requirements to providing quality programming for learners of different abilities, we are in a unique position to understand and assist your school in a variety of ways. Check us out today.

REF offerings

Rebuilding Educational Foundations Of Common Untapped Skills

A program that provides hope to all students by teaching others how to tap into, grow, and maintain skills, guaranteeing success for a lifetime by refocusing efforts to meet the needs of the whole child.
Would you like to be a part of building an amazing program that addresses the needs at-risk, special education, and all other students?
The REFocus program offers training, screenings, standardized assessments, reading tie-ins, gross motor activities, including parent and teacher development opportunities for anyone who works with children.
Featuring unique web-based daily activities that foster physical, emotional, and academic awareness and growth for children of all ages.

Rebuilding Educational Foundations by Applying Compliance Expectations.

Are you looking for an opportunity to build a wonderful special education program that is not only compliant, but is focused on meeting the unique learning needs of your students with varying abilities? Tired of struggling through the compliance webs and paperwork that special education requires?
Let us take the worry of compliance off your teacher’s plate and put it onto ours by helping you REFace your program. We provide consulting services to help your staff understand the ins and outs of special education and related issues so your teachers are able to spend their valuable time with students.
Whether you need a facilitator for one IEP, or a consultant to visit weekly, we have more than 30 years of experience to help guide your program.

ref difference

Rebuilding Educational Foundations, LLC, is a company that is different than what you are used to. Our company has unique characteristics that you must check out to believe - and it gets better with every school we work with!
We are looking to partner with schools who are motivated to create the best resources possible with a big focus on student success, and a balanced focus on compliance.
If you want to create an atmosphere where collaboration is a mainstay, flexibility is a must, students are valued, and a positive, self-motivated attitude makes you part of a unique school family, then you need to call us today!

ref testimonials

“ Teri Pettit is an expert in all aspects of special education and I am excited to see her launching a new venture. Her past experience includes work in a variety of settings that focus on supporting teachers and administrators in their efforts to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. She is the best person I know to be providing the services planned for delivery by the new consulting service, Rebuilding Educational Foundations! ”

Eileen Ahearn

Director National Association of State Directors of Special Education

“You go girl! This is a great idea. I have always loved Teri and respected her work. This is certainly the hard work that needs to be done to ensure that we as a country do not squander human capital!”


President and Director of Operations SmartWORKS


“I highly recommend Rebuilding Educational Foundations, LLC. Teri Pettit is an expert at resolving Special Needs Compliance issues and her knowledge of school Special Education staffing requirements has ensured the continued success of numerous schools and school districts. Our partnership has flourished due to her continued efforts to go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of special needs children and their families.”

Mike Rhoads

Director of Contract Services Detroit Institute for Children

“I have known Teri Pettit for over 19 years. She reached out to help me with both of my children during a very difficult time. When Ms. Pettit was working with my son he could not read, write or do cursive handwriting. But he learned and did well. My daughter also has learning issues that were helped by Ms. Pettit’s care and understanding. Ms. Pettit took so much time and patience with both of my children. I believe my daughter is successful today because of Ms. Pettit. She was able to help both children. I am forever grateful for her caring nature and willingness to work with children who don’t fit normal expectations.”



“ I trained under the kind, helpful guidance of Teri Pettit. Teri was always there with answers to my many compliance questions. She was there with great advice when it came to difficult challenges in my school. But her greatest gift of all was teaching me how I could best serve children. If there were issues in our school that became too big to handle alone, we could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Teri was always, always behind us. She knows the law inside and out. Teri will work incredibly hard to make things right for you. I will be forever grateful for her kind guidance, which helped mold me into a hopeful, helpful and compliant TC.”


Teacher Consultant